forFATHERS™ project
forFATHERS™ project

4FATHERS Photo Journal Issue 02

4FATHERS is a print and digital publication for and about fathers. It uses a traditional approach with its usage of photographs and words. Each issue we feature a selection of fathers with amazing stories, whom we ...

Apr, 21 · in Children,Family,Father

FILM | Daddy Don’t Go

Daddy Don’t Go is a feature length documentary that captures a year in the lives of four young men in New York City as they struggle against poverty to reach their full potential as fathers. ...

Apr, 19 · in Dad,Film,Video

Father-daughter bond

Derek Reid of Toronto and his daughter Jessica of Simcoe founded F.E.A.T. (Fostering, Empowering and Advocating Together) for Children of Incarcerated Parents in 2011, shortly after they met for the first time. (SARAH DOKTOR Simcoe ...

Apr, 18

MUSIC | Qool DJ Marv – The Roots Mix

Qool DJ Marv’s 2-hour mix dedicated to The Roots, originally broadcast on WURD Philly. Marv’s thoughts on 2 supporting inspirations: One – I was telling my mom about The Roots making it from playing music ...

Apr, 12

OUR FATHER | Andrew Norton

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE… … has always been a weakness for me. I’ve never planned for anything more than a year in advance. I believe taking care of the present is more important, my future ...

Apr, 12

OUR FATHER | Chris Blackamerica

PURPOSE… My son saved my life, because he became my purpose and me wanting to be a good father, not saying that my father didn’t do the best that he could, but I didn’t consider ...

Apr, 07

INTERVIEW | Marvin Gaye [ca. 1971]

Marvin Gaye: ‘I was terribly disillusioned with life’ To mark the 30th anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s death on 1 April, here’s a rare interview from Disc and Music Echo from 1971 between Phil Symes and ...

Apr, 02

Happy to Be Nappy
by Bell Hooks