forFATHERS™ project
forFATHERS™ project

SOCIAL | What Fatherhood Really Looks Like

#IAM4FATHERS Rules 1. SNAP & SHARE photo of what fatherhood looks like 2. Share photo @4_FATHERS with personalized caption and use the hashtag #IAM4FATHERS 3. Two photos will be selected daily at 4PM, ET, for repost and ...

Getting African-American Boys to Read With ‘Barbershop Books’ Kristine Brown

Words / Laura Bliss There’s a classic marketing theory that when you put two words or ideas together enough, consumers will form an implicit association—and even act. I say “peanut butter,” you think, “jelly.” I ...

Apr, 16 · in Children,Father,Read

A Father’s Words

One of our fatherhood’s greatest joys is when our children grow old enough to hold conversations. In fact, most of us get quite impatient for that time. If you’re like the fathers I’ve talked to ...

Apr, 16

Photo-Essay Proposals

We are currently accepting photo-essay proposals for online publication, with potential for inclusion in forthcoming printed volumes of 4FATHERS photo journal. We’re interested in photography of father’s interacting with their children, displaying their day to ...

Apr, 16

4FATHERS Photo Journal Issue 03

4FATHERS is a print and digital publication for and about fathers. It uses a traditional approach with its usage of photographs and words. Each issue we feature a selection of fathers with amazing stories, whom we ...

Mar, 04

AUDIO | In Harm’s Way: Remembering the Life of Kamau Chandler

By Kathleen Horan : Reporter, WNYC News Seventeen-year-old Kamau Chandler was known for his grace with physical pursuits like rowing, skiing and martial arts. His family credits him with popularizing skateboarding in the section of ...

Feb, 18

VIDEO | Black Fatherhood Panel

Larry talks about the high percentage of African-American children born out of wedlock with panelists Common, Charles Blow, Joe Jones and Mike Yard. The Nightly ShowGet More: The Nightly Show Full Episodes,The Nightly Show on ...

Feb, 09

Happy to Be Nappy
by Bell Hooks