About Us

The ForeFathers Project was founded in 2005 by a group of local philanthropists with the objective of giving back to our community, while producing fun and entertaining events for families and friends. We focus on providing funding support for nonprofit organizations that have a direct and meaningful impact on kids, families, and the arts.

What sets us apart?

We’re grassroots! CPA members live and operate in Toronto, Canada and are part of the community.

CPA’s approach to fundraising is as a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit organization. With no direct staffing expenses or overhead, we can donate a maximum amount of money to our nonprofit partners. Our events generate $2 in revenue for every $1 of expense.
We focus exclusively on Austin-area nonprofits that have a significant, from-the-ground-up impact on their local community. In an environment of reduced funding from government, foundations, and other traditional fundraising sources, it is even more critical to help these smaller nonprofits reach the next level of community service.
Our philosophy is to “share the wealth” with the community. We include local artists and small businesses in our events, and we pay them for their services. We ask for no ‘handouts’ from event participants. A majority of the money spent on event expenses stays right here in Austin and supports the community!
We’re hands-on. Our events include active participation by our nonprofit partners and our local sponsors.
Our events are held in unique Toronto venues. No generic hotel ballrooms for us!
We’re Toronto-casual. You won’t need your tux or little black dress (unless you really want to wear them)!
We strive to bring a Toronto flavor to our events – refreshments, community sponsors, and performers.
We cater to the audience! We provide great, affordable entertainment that you can often bring your kids to.

We strive to provide a great audience experience: excellent performers, earlier start times, no oversold shows or long lines, and fun and interesting sponsors who will typically provide great raffle prizes or giveaways.
We offer a range of ticket prices that are within reach of anyone in the community. There is no expensive admission or $5,000 tables for sale! For those with the means and desire to provide greater levels of financial support, VIP amenities are available at a higher cost.
All of the Fore Fathers Project founders have kids, and we want them to come to as many of our events as possible! We produce several family-friendly events each season, with a focus on cultural diversity.
We cater to the performers! Forefathers works directly with our performing groups to put together a customized, personalized itinerary of activities to ensure a great time before, during, and after the event!

While a touring performer group often has limited time available, to the extent possible we try to provide them with a unique Austin experience. This could include enjoying unique Austin hotels or cuisine, nightlife, or daytime activities like golf, the lake, or a spa.
We try to support local artists by providing exposure in our events, paying them a fair wage for their services, and ensuring that they have a fun and memorable time.