Washington Meet Up

A few months ago, we had a meet up in Washington for fathers of kids with disabilities.  The event was highly successful and over 1000 people attended. We did not expect such a turn out but are glad that everyone came to show their support. You have truly made an impact in the lives of not only your children but of others around you. Below is a video of the event:



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Halloween Event

The ForFathers Project is proud to announce a Halloween event in Toronto. Everyone is welcome and all proceeds will be used to support children with mental disabilities. We work with organizations that help families manage their kids’ disability. Some of the mental disabilities include Asperger, autism and ADHD. We commissioned a study last year and found that there was a great lack of support for kids with mental disabilities and that they were not receiving the appropriate care. It is through this event that we seek to spread awareness and also use the funds for a good cause.

This years Halloween even will occur on October 31, 2016. We encourage all attendants to wear their costumes and remember to keep it family friendly. We will have contests, shows and a carnival in the St. Peter Parking lot located in downtown Toronto. We have a few artists who will perform and more information will be posted at a later date. An email has been sent out giving more details. Remember to bring a costume and we hope to see you there. Admission is $30/person for adults and $10/ child which includes dinner.

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Picnic Event

The Fathers Helping Fathers organization has created a picnic event in Toronto at St James Park. The picnic will be hosted by and supported by local markets and toronto butcher shops. We will be serving food for all dietary requirements including kosher and halal. There are also vegetarian options available for our fellow vegans. Our partners will be providing the best kosher meat and halal meat.All the halal meat served at the event will be from an organic butcher.  This event is unique in that it lets fathers of all faiths and background get to meet each other. It is also a time for their children to communicate with one another.We hope to do these picnics all across Canada in every province and we would like to open up a USA based chapter.

The address for St James Park in Toronto is as follows:

Address: 120 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1G6

Please arrive on July 16, 2016 and contact us to let us know if you can make it. Events will include sports such as soccer and volleyball. Also there will be live entertainment available and we will keep you posted.

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Supporting Fathers With Disabilities

Fathers that have disabilities struggle with their roles in families. We have counselled many fathers who are suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. In these situations we have a psychiatrist called in to provide assistance. A father with a mental disability or that suffers from psychological conditions can negatively impact their family and kids.

One organization that is helping on this front is the Fathers Network For Disabilities. We are proud to support this organization in Washington. This organization also supports with disabilities.  Many fathers who we work with have had workplace accidents such as paralysis or being unable to walk.

In regards to our organization, we provide many services to fathers who need help. Our father network not only provides mental support but also monetary assistance to fathers who are in need. Through government funding, we have many resources that individuals may not be able to access.

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Join the Fatherhood Festival

The Fatherhood Festival aims to do all this with its rich, three day program of music concerts, comedy, games, art and conversations. These events will touch your heart and stimulate your mind.

This is a real family festival which includes mums, dads, grand parents and kids of all ages. This years line up features Kev Carmody, Lior and a host of artist, sports personalities and speakers which will be announced soon.
WHEN: Fathers Day Weekend, 31 August to 2 September 2016. We have an additional special panel featuring Terry Hicks to be held in Lismore on 8 September 2016. More details and our full line up for the festival will be posted soon.

If you would like to know what’s on at the festival and what’s new, please click here

WHERE: Bangalow Showground (near Byron Bay, NSW) on Father’s Day Weekend. Last years’ Festival was the richest and most popular yet. With John Butler and Pete Murray giving inspirational performances (click here for a video) and over ten thousand fathers, children and families, converging on beautiful Bangalow.
As men become aware of the impact they have on their children, whether they live with them or not, this creates a change of priorities in favour of children and is part of the positive social change that the festival team is supporting. See you there.

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Fathers Helping Fathers is a Toronto organization designed for fathers to meet up and discuss parenting related issues. It is also an opportunity for fathers to network and bring their children.

Our Goals/Objectives are as follows:


Our Mission is simple, to provide a meeting point for fathers. In these networking events, participants can get to know each other and build their circle. For fathers who are having trouble parenting, they are can get pointers and tips.


Fathers Helping Fathers has helped me in my rough times. I was struggling financially and was having trouble giving my child the attention he needed. Now I have better support and can juggle both tasks to the best of my ability

Recently I lost my job and was lost as to what to do. I had a young child and Fathers Helping Fathers saved my life. I went through a rough time but ended up okay.

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