Halloween Event

The ForFathers Project is proud to announce a Halloween event in Toronto. Everyone is welcome and all proceeds will be used to support children with mental disabilities. We work with organizations that help families manage their kids’ disability. Some of the mental disabilities include Asperger, autism and ADHD. We commissioned a study last year and found that there was a great lack of support for kids with mental disabilities and that they¬†were not receiving the appropriate care. It is through this event that we seek to spread awareness and also use the funds for a good cause.

This years Halloween even will occur on October 31, 2016. We encourage all attendants to wear their costumes and remember to keep it family friendly. We will have contests, shows and a carnival in the St. Peter Parking lot located in downtown Toronto. We have a few artists who will perform and more information will be posted at a later date. An email has been sent out giving more details. Remember to bring a costume and we hope to see you there. Admission is $30/person for adults and $10/ child which includes dinner.

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