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This article was written on 16 Apr 2015, and is filled under Exhibit, Family, Father.

Photo-Essay Proposals

We are currently accepting photo-essay proposals for online publication, with potential for inclusion in forthcoming printed volumes of 4FATHERS photo journalWe’re interested in photography of father’s interacting with their children, displaying their day to day experiences. Tie it together visually or thematically, however you wish; Film, digital, iPhone - whatever your preferred tool happens to be.

If we accept your series, your photos will be featured on and displayed in an editorial layout.

Also include a short bio with links to your portfolio/site and social outlets.

Deadline: August 2015

Essay Examples
Like an Origami Crane by Matt Fry
United Kingdom by Dan Rubin

The Fine Print

- Upload 5-10 hi-resolution images that are editorial in nature and representative of your series’ theme. These are not the final images and should be provided as either JPGs / PNGs, compiled into a PDF, or compressed into a single ZIP archive.

- Images should not have been previously published in any other print or online media (this includes Tumblr or your portfolio).

- If accepted, we will require high-resolution versions of all files for publishing at various screen resolutions (exact specifications and usage details will be provided upon acceptance of submissions).

Email Submissions:

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